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Steam Compressed Game Resource File

What is ZTMP file?

It is a network server application developed by HLDS which is a Valve-authorized game developer for hosting game files that contains compressed files such as audio, game map, video file or other game-related data. It is used as an update tool to automatically download and update custom updates within multiplayer games.

.ZTMP files are created by HLDS on request of clients for game resources. HLDS creates game files in the form of .BSP extension, upon which the .ZTMP also get created once the players installs map into a particular game. The .ZTMP file is loaded with compressed data containing all the features of the game map including JPG, audio, video, and skin of the map. Every time when a player updates a map a new .ZTMP file is created for the particular map, whereas the old file is deleted because Valve does not replace the existing file with the update.

Valve is responsible for developing some of the most popular games like Counter Strike, Left4Dead, and many other games.

How to open an ZTMP file?

If you are interested in opening, editing or converting this type of file, just take a look at our list of software that can handle this file extension.


Mac OS X



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