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Zimbra Database File

What is ZDB file?

Users who find a ZDB file on their computer should know that ZDB (Zimbra Database File) is a database file generated by the Zimbra email software. Email continues to be one of the most widely used applications for online users, and the Zimbra is a popular email program which can be installed on the laptop, with a connector for outlook. The emails received are stored in the .zdb files, and it is advisable to periodically take a backup of the .zdb files especially if the emails received have some important messages. In case the Zimbra software installed is hacked or corrupted, it is possible to retrieve important email messages from the .zdb file.

If the Zimbra desktop application is installed on the computer, the .zdb file can be easily opened, especially if the files are in the relevant folder. The .zdb files are in the same format as the Outlook .pst files, and it is possible to rename the files as .pst and open them using Microsoft outlook.

How to open an ZDB file?

If you are interested in opening, editing or converting this type of file, just take a look at our list of software that can handle this file extension.


External Software

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