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eM Client Backup File

What is ZBFX file?

.ZBFX – eM Client Backup File extension is an extension used by Windows operating system. However, other operating systems like UNIX does not require this. It is a backup file run by Windows. It can store back-ups for contacts, calendar, email account settings and tasks as well. We can use it to support files in case of any fraudulent activity. It is quite simple and easy to determine if an application supports eM Client Backup File extension or not. All you need to do is double-click on the file. It will either open it with a matching application or you will be suggested by Windows to search the internet for the appropriate application which can open ZBFX files.

To create a backup file Menu -> File-> Backup and to restore the same select Menu-> File-> Restore.

These kinds of file extensions can be very useful to us. It helps the computer to detect the exact application for a particular file. It becomes easier for the operating system to functions and works at a faster pace. The OS does not look into the content of the file but looks for the file extension which can render those files. Hence, the ZBFX file is great for backing up files as well as makes the load on the computer lighter.

How to open an ZBFX file?

If you are interested in opening, editing or converting this type of file, just take a look at our list of software that can handle this file extension.


External Software

All software form this list has not tested by our, take care how you used and downloaded.

Mac OS X



We hope you learned some new things about the eM Client Backup File (*.ZBFX) file extension, you can see several types of similar files below. If you have a question or want a change, leave a comment below and we'll respond as soon as possible.


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