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BlindWrite 6 Track Information File

What is B6T file?

Developed by VSO software, a B6T file is a disk image file created through BlindWrite 6 that contains all the track information about the structure of the disc’s file contents. It works together with a B6I file which has the original data that are saved in the disc image to make sure the data are appropriately assembled before they are burned to a disc. While some older versions of BlindWrite use the .BWT file extension, BlindWrite 5 uses .B5I file extension to denote and save disc track information.

How to open an B6T file?

If you are interested in opening, editing or converting this type of file, just take a look at our list of software that can handle this file extension. A B6T file can be opened via VSO Software BlindWrite on Windows OS. By default, the corresponding BlindWrite disc image pops up whenever a B6T file is opened.


Mac OS X



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