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ASAP2 ECU Description File

What is A2L file?

An A2L File Extension is an ASAP2 ECU Description file in a standard Text Format.

File Information

The A2L file format specified by the workgroup ASAM MCD-2MC (or more commonly known as ASAP2) describes various data including interfaces, measurements, and paraments of an Electronic Control unit. The A2L Format is widely used in the “xCU” development, calibration and testing and helps in the process of transforming ECU model design into a physical, electronic unit and it can also be used to help in the process of testing and calibrating actual ECUs. Files with this extension are commonly used by products such as AVL Creta Calibration Data Management, HEXplorer, and more.

How to open an A2L file?

If you are interested in opening, editing or converting this type of file, just take a look at our list of software that can handle this file extension.


Mac OS X



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